The UGR launches platform to streamline the communication of Covid-19 infections among students

Students can directly communicate their condition through a simple form

The Vice-Rectorate for Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability and the Health and Risk Prevention (SPRL) Service of the University of Granada have launched a new procedure so that students can directly communicate cases of Covid-19 infection.

Students can communicate their circumstances through a simple form, indicating whether they have contracted Covid-19, have been in close contact with someone who is infected, if they present with symptoms compatible with Covid-19, or if they are waiting for test results.

Once this data has been received, the University will get in touch with the student for contact tracing purposes, as well as to inform them about self-isolation guidelines. In addition, the student will receive an official note indicating that they are unable to attend face-to-face classes during their self-isolation period.

This new procedure represents an additional safety measure implemented by the University of Granada in order to closely and effectively monitor cases of infection and guarantee the safety of the University community.



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