Initiatives for participation and social cooperation

The University of Granada, through its Directorate for Participation and Social Innovation - MediaLab, wants to join and encourage the efforts of citizens to develop new ways to help, cooperate and reconnect during the current period of social isolation. These historic days will be a turning point in the way in which we live as a community.

The goal of the LabIN #UGRenCasa initiative is to create a meeting point for the university community and society in general, with a view to:

  • proposing ideas on how to live well during the coming weeks of confinement and quarantine; and
  • sharing personal experiences on how this crisis has affected our lives and what we can learn from it for the future.

Once this global crisis has been overcome, we will propose a face-to-face meeting to learn from what each of us has experienced during this period. In addition, the LabIN #UGRenCasa initiative intends to publish a book including all these experiences, which will be a lasting memory of this unusual situation. This, along with the platform itself, will become a legacy for future generations.

You can follow and join this meeting space via:


Infografía de Labin UGRencasa

The CoVidAffect project was launched by a group of scientists at the University of Granada who intend to analyse the impact of the coronavirus crisis. While the national state of alert lasts, the group also aspires to provide real-time data on the population's emotional state via a mobile app.

This project is a collaboration between researchers at the Mind, Brain and Behaviour Research Centre (CIMCYC) and at the Research Centre for Information and Communications Technologies (CITIC-UGR) of the University of Granada. The aim is to obtain real-time information on the emotional response of the population to new measures, news and events, as well as to detect situations that may require some psychosocial support resources.

Using a purpose-designed mobile app, the emotional state of each person will be registered throughout the day. The app will create maps of the geographical distribution and time evolution of people’s moods in Spanish territory. Then, the data will be analysed to provide indexes on emotional regulation and psychological resilience.

The initiative is expected to receive a positive response in terms of dissemination and participation, so that the map of the emotional state of the Spanish population is as representative as possible. The map will be updated whenever participants provide data.

The "CONFIN” collaborative documentary project was created by Miguel Buhigas, who holds a Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the UGR. Its main goal is to collect stories, testimonials and experiences related to the confinement period owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This initiative has a national dimension and aspires to build a collective memory on the coronavirus crisis in terms of health, society and economy. Based on this collective memory, a feature-length documentary will be created. All members of the UGR community interested in this initiative can participate in the project.

You can find more information in this 
Facebook link or send an email to @email



Imagen documental colaborativo CONFIN