Guidelines for assessment exercises for the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year

Wed, 01/13/2021 - 20:06
Tue, 12/01/2021
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The following text is a translation of an extract from the “Resolution of the Rector of 12 January 2021 establishing the Guidelines for Conducting Assessment Exercises for the First Semester of the 2020-2021 Academic Year”. For comprehensive information on the relevant legal framework and background to this text, please consult the full Resolution (in Spanish).

We wish to inform the university community of the following information:

a. Taking into account that by Order of the Regional Ministry for Health and Family Affairs (CSF) of Andalusia of 14 October 2020, adopting specific, temporary and exceptional measures, for public health reasons and to contain Covid-19, at university teaching centres and university residences in Granada (extended by the Order of 24 October 2020), the University of Granada continued with its obligation to teach online from that date onward;

b. Considering that the current regulations limit the ability to enter and exit Andalusia, except for duly justified trips (including the sitting of official exams or tests that cannot be postponed), and that a very high number of University of Granada students are currently residing outside the province of Granada and outside the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, which will entail a considerable volume of trips (around 27,000 students currently reside outside the province of Granada); and also considering that our University is at alert level 4, stage I;

c. Taking into account that the measures established by the Regional Government of Andalusia will be in force until 25 January, and that it is foreseeable, moreover, that due to the current health emergency these measures may be more restrictive from that date onward (which falls right in the middle of the examination period);

For the purposes of providing maximum safety and guarantees with regard to the holding of final assessment exercises, both for teaching staff and students, and in order to prevent and minimise risks deriving from the current health situation, I [the Rector] hereby establish the following guidelines:


Courses that have held face-to-face activities throughout the semester as part of the training process, in accordance with the Instructions approved by the University of Granada, may maintain face-to-face attendance for final assessment exercises.


For courses that have been taught entirely online, the assessment exercises must also be held online, unless there are reasons that justify the need for face-to-face assessments.


If face-to-face (on-campus) examinations are to be conducted, the prevention, hygiene and health recommendations approved by the Regional Ministry for Health and Family Affairs (CSF) of Andalusia must be followed.

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