Plan for the Adaptation of the UGR Library to Covid-19 Health Measures

Fri, 10/02/2020 - 14:09
Mon, 21/09/2020
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The UGR Library has previously prepared two plans; one for the total lockdown phase; and the other for Phase 1 and subsequent phases up until the "New Normality" Phase. These plans would be applied in the event that the health requirements were to change to any of these scenarios. The following Plan is designed for the "New Normality" Phase, which at the UGR is called "scenario A" and is defined as entailing "fewer on-campus (face-to-face) academic activities as a result of the health measures requiring physical distancing and thereby limiting capacity ".

The relevant regulations upon which this Plan is based have been issued by the Central Government, the Regional Government of Andalusia and the University of Granada (in particular by the Director's Office, and the Health and Risk Prevention Service, hereafter SPRL). Therefore, this document is only applicable to the UGR Library.

Provided the health requirements in place allow the consultation and reading rooms of the different services of the UGR Library to open to users, the Plan will be as follows:

A) With regard to our facilities and collections, library spaces will only be open to members of the University community (who will need to show their ID to gain access), with a reduction in capacity that allows for a distance of 1.5 metres between study stations (this entails a reduction to less than 50% of normal capacity). At the entrance to each library there will be a sign indicating the maximum capacity allowed.

Each library will establish a specific path to reach the reading rooms/areas and another to reach the loans and returns service, so that safe distances are maintained between users while they move around the facility.

Open-access collections will be marked off to prevent users directly accessing them. Instead, users must reserve access to these collections in advance via the catalogue and subsequently show their reservation to library staff. Likewise, in line with safety regulations, areas of the libraries with restricted access will be cordoned off.

Seats that are not available for use during this period will be removed, where possible, or marked so that users know they cannot be used.

Computer areas will be arranged in such a way that a safe distance of 1.5 metres is maintained. Keyboards will be protected with transparent film and hand sanitiser gel will be available so that users can use it before and after each session.

Loan service areas will be protected with screens to protect staff and users.

Posters with the relevant instructions for users will be put up in library premises.

Regarding the cleaning and disinfection of library premises, the guidelines developed by the SPRL Service of the University of Granada will be followed.

Non-digital library materials will have to be quarantined for 7 days after being handled by users.

B) Users must follow safety regulations in general at all times and, in particular, must respect distances of 1.5 metres, always wear a face mask, avoid access to restricted areas, and use hand sanitiser gel when necessary. In all instances users must follow the instructions of staff and the signposting in place.

C) Library staff will adhere to the safety measures established by the SPRL of the University of Granada at all times.

D) Library services will run as normal, except with regard to loans and the consultation of documents in rooms. These latter services will be provided upon prior reservation to prevent the crowding of users.


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