Resolution of the Rector of the University of Granada of 24 November 2020

Wed, 11/25/2020 - 12:39
Tue, 24/11/2020
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In view of the evolution of the health situation and the new extension of the measures adopted in accordance with Royal Decree 926/2020 of 25 October, declaring a state of alarm to contain the spread of infections caused by SARS-CoV-2, and the Order of 23 November 2020, amending the Order of 8 November 2020, which modulated alert levels 3 and 4 as a result of the critical Covid-19 epidemiological situation in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and, moreover, with the aim of providing certainty to the university community and organising and planning teaching activities, the Rectorate of the University of Granada has decided, in agreement with the Rectors of the Andalusian public universities, to extend the measures currently in force, at least until the end of the teaching period of the first semester, under the terms indicated below:

a. In relation to teaching:

1. The suspension of face-to-face (on-campus) teaching of classes on bachelor's degrees will be extended until the end of the teaching period of the first semester of the current academic year. These face-to-face classes will be replaced by online classes held during the established timetable.

2. Master's degrees and titulaciones propias (UGR-specific degree programmes) will resume their teaching, from 8 January 2021 onwards, in the mode of delivery planned in the course guides, provided this is allowed by the relevant authorities.

3. Laboratory sessions, experimental sessions, Practicums and Work Placements, fieldwork, clinical placements at centres that belong to the Andalusian Public Health System, or National Institute of Healthcare Management (INGESA) in the case of Ceuta and Melilla, as well as others that are planned and considered to be irreplaceable, shall be maintained in a face-to-face (on-site) mode.

4. Tutorials and student support shall be provided via technological means during the established timetable.

b. In relation to the evaluation of courses from the first semester:

1. In accordance with the UGR's Plan for the Adaptation of Teaching and Learning in the Academic Year 2020-21 to the Health Measures deriving from the Covid-19 Pandemic, evaluation will preferably be based on continuous assessment. In this regard, face-to-face (on-site) assessment exercises which cannot be replaced by other modes of delivery and which are scheduled in the course guides, shall go ahead as planned. Exceptional circumstances or issues preventing students from travelling in order to carry out these face-to-face assessments will be taken into account.

2. In line with the provisions of the UGR's Plan for the Adaptation of Teaching and Learning, and the recommendations of the Direction of Evaluation and Accreditation of the Andalusian Knowledge Agency (DEVA-AAC) to the relevant authorities, final exams that are part of ordinary examination sessions (convocatorias ordinarias) and, if applicable, resits (convocatorias extraordinarias), will be carried out in person, provided that the evolution of the pandemic allows this.

c. In relation to teaching and evaluation at the University’s campuses in Ceuta and Melilla, following the criteria and guidelines of the health authorities of both autonomous cities, the scenario in which they have been operating in recent weeks shall be maintained on both campuses, in line with the provisions of their respective contingency plans. However, in coordination with said health authorities, a weekly evaluation will be carried out to determine the measures to be adopted based on how the situation evolves.

d. In relation to the remainder of the University's activities, the following measures, which were already adopted in the UGR's communiqué of 9 November, will be maintained:

1. Institutional and academic events (public defences of doctoral theses, undergraduate dissertations (TFGs) and master's dissertations (TFMs); competitions for access to university teaching positions, etc.) scheduled for the period during which the aforementioned Order is in force, may still be held on-campus.

2. Language accreditation certification examinations planned for this period shall be held on-campus.

3. University outreach and sports activities shall be held in accordance with the general specific norms applicable to this kind of activity.

4. The following university services continue to be suspended: General Library and libraries of the University's faculties and schools (with the exception of the book loan service, by appointment only), study rooms, university canteens (with the exception of the takeaway service for students holding the relevant grants).

5. Research activities shall continue to be carried out as normal, including access to libraries (by appointment only).

6. The activities carried out by the UGR's administrative and support staff (PAS) will continue in line with the provisions of Service Guidelines 4/20 of 29 October 2020, establishing the percentage of on-site attendance of staff to be maintained at centres, services, units and areas in which it is possible to carry out procedures remotely.

Once again, we reiterate that the University of Granada's spaces and buildings are safe places in which all the regulations established by the health authorities are strictly adhered to.

We would like to express once more our thanks for the human and material effort being made by the teams leading our faculties and schools, by our teaching and research staff, by our administrative and support staff, and by our students, in facing this new scenario with the competence and efficacy befitting a prestigious public institution such as the University of Granada.

The Rector,

Pilar Aranda Ramírez


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