Travel justification certificates for attending face-to-face academic activities

Thu, 11/19/2020 - 16:03
Tue, 17/11/2020
Unos investigadores trabajan ataviados de guantes y mascarillas en un laboratorio

The Order of 8 November 2020 (Official Gazette of the Regional Government of Andalusia [BOJA] no. 77 of 8 November 2020) makes provisions for “face-to-face attendance for experimental and rotating internships, Practicums, or similar activities, including research”.

Despite the heath restrictions in place to halt its spread, the pandemic has entailed limitations on travel between the different municipalities of Granada, and between Andalusian provinces. To attend face-to-face activities, students have the obligation to adequately justify these trips before Spanish law enforcement agencies.

Until now, only a certificate of enrolment at the University of Granada was necessary to justify these trips. However, to ensure greater legal certainty and guarantees, a procedure has been set up whereby the teaching staff of courses in which these face-to-face academic activities are to be carried out can indicate the timetable of these activities, including the date and time established for them.

So, from now on, both of these documents will be required.

You can download the certificate proving your UGR student status via the following links: 

Through the PRADO platform, the teaching staff responsible for courses with face-to-face academic activities will make the travel justification certificate, which must be duly signed, available to enrolled students.

We remind you that travel is only justified for attendance to face-to-face activities, and that the certificate will only be valid for trips at the times indicated, taking into account the necessary margin to carry them out.