The UGR adapts its Job Guidance service by combining face-to-face and online support

Wed, 10/14/2020 - 22:12
Wed, 23/09/2020
Orientadores laborales reunidos con mascarilla

The Job Guidance and Employability Unit of the UGR's Employment and Work Placement Office (CPEP) helps university students to define their professional goals and optimise their search for both internships and employment. The Director of the CPEP, which is part of the Vice-Rectorate for Student Services and Employability, explains that while this service was essential before the current pandemic situation, if anything it has become even more important during these challenging times for the job placement of university students.

The current situation created by Covid-19 has forced some changes to be made in both face-to-face and online guidance procedures, to ensure that these actions can be carried out with adequate safety conditions in place.

If you a student at the UGR and wish to make use of the Job Guidance and Employability Unit you must register via the ÍCARO Work Placement and Employment Portal ( To do this, you have to log in and select "Orientación Laboral" (job guidance), from among the different programmes available at the University of Granada. You can then select three types of activities: initial group sessions, individual orientation interviews and job training for employment.

Initial group sessions

These group sessions are intended to publicise the programmes and services offered by the Employment and Work Placement Office, especially those related to the management of internships, guidance for job hunting and the management of job offers (job-matching). The sessions will help you to resolve any queries regarding these issues.

You can attend these sessions in two ways:

In person, under the condition that you confirm attendance in order to properly and safely prepare the spaces of the Employment and Work Placement Office. A maximum of 8 people may attend these sessions. Frequency: every 2 weeks.

You can also attend virtual sessions, using the GoogleMeet application. The URL of the online sessions will appear to users in the message they receive from the ÍCARO Work Placement and Employment Portal upon confirming their participation in the job guidance programme at the UGR (though you can also apply to take part by contacting our guidance offficers). With regard to these online sessions, there is no limit to the number of attendees nor will they be asked to confirm attendance. Frequency: every 2 weeks (the same day and time as the face-to-face session).

Individual interviews

Users can carry out the individual interview in person or online.

Individual face-to-face interviews will be held in the CPEP Meeting Room. This room has the correct health measures in place (adapted to the current regulations).

The individual online interviews will be carried out through the Online Career Guidance Service of the University of Granada. Through the "Empleo UGR" Employment Platform ( you can request an appointment to carry out the interview, with two options available: a chat (via sessions on Empleo UGR) or a videoconference (via Skype).

Training for employment

As long as there is risk and uncertainty generated by Covid-19 regarding face-to-face attendance to employment training activities, they will be carried out online.

Thus, priority will be given to renewing employment training actions that were already being carried out online. In this regard, the two actions scheduled for the remainder of the academic year are noteworthy:

  • MOOC # Curriculum. Developed by the "abiertaUGR" MOOC Platform. Start date: 2 October, 2020.
  • MOOC. Key advice for handling a selection process. Developed by the "abiertaUGR" MOOC Platform. Start date: 2 November, 2020.

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